That’s how we get results — every time.


We take generic (OEM) vehicles and machinery and re-engineer them to better suit the needs of the kiwi businesses that use them. Our work can be found in a range of industries from transport and roading, infrastructure and vegetation, through to forestry and agriculture.

In a nutshell, Active VMA’s entire existence can be wrapped into one simple phrase: “fit for purpose”. In fact, making things “fit for purpose” is at the core of everything we do.

When Ross and Juliet Schultz started Active VMA in 1997 (then known as Active Transport Engineers) the goal was simple: find great solutions that help our customers do the best job possible.

Over the last two decades, Active VMA has grown into a trusted supplier to many of New Zealand’s largest and most recognised construction, forestry and agricultural businesses.


Solutions begin with active listening. At the start of every project, our experienced product managers meet the end user to understand exactly what they want to achieve. After decades in the industry, it’s our ability to ask the right questions that allows us to engineer fit for purpose solutions that consistently satisfy expectation and deliver opportunity.


We are problem solvers. When it comes to designing a solution, we work as a team to ensure your vision is realised to the very last detail.

This includes proactively looking for any obstacles throughout the process and then offering solutions, so there are no unexpected surprises when your vehicle, machine or attachment arrives.

Over the years we’ve developed thousands of solutions for our customers. As time goes by, we often have clients coming to us with similar or repeat requests, which is why we have recently introduced our fast-track production range known as Active Defined Products (ADP). In many cases, we’ve already built what you are asking for, we’ve captured every detail and we ironed out the kinks. Choosing an ADP offers numerous benefits including a proven solution at a more competitive price, faster turn-around times and longer warranty periods.

But what if what you need has never been done before? Every single ADP had to start its life somewhere. Our business is founded on our ability to develop solutions that exceed expectation. Let us do the problem solving with you.


We understand that relationships are important, and you need a supplier you can trust to consistently deliver quality.

The product manager you deal with at the start of your journey is the same person that hands over your vehicle or machine at the end.

That’s because we stand behind our work and are proud to deliver exactly what you need – time and time again.