Forestry Tiller


Ideal tool for turning old forestry blocks back into productive land by mulching slash and grinding stumps.

Forestry tiller with fixed tooth rotor. For tractors between 100 and 220HP with a max grinding diameter of 30cm.

This heavy duty tiller is the smallest model in the wide range of FAE forestry tillers for depth soil reclamation. The model can be used on smaller jobs and in areas with difficult access. The side gear transmission runs the rotor at a lower speed for maximum torque, maximum productivity and extreme reliability. The consistent and uniform rotor RPM guarantees an excellent final product ready for planting and minimizes wear in abrasives soils too. Multiple tooth options available for different environments.

Forestry Tiller SSL/DT 225 features

  • Friction clutch on side PTO
  • Flat pressed welded steel counter-blades
  • PTO shaft with cam clutch
  • Enclosed machine body
  • Gearbox with freewheel
  • Inside lateral protections
  • Transmission with side gearbox
  • Protection chains
  • Hydraulic hood
  • Hydraulic controlled roller

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