Crusher Bucket

Crusher Buckets

Ideal for on site recycling in CBD areas plus will deal with concrete due auto reverser of teeth.

Crusher Bucket with rotor system for excavators with a weight between 10 and 18 tonne. Developed to reduce the volume of aggregates directly on site.

The rotor system is ideal for crushing reinforced concrete and demolition waste and is not affected by the presence of iron, rock, earth, deformable parts or wet or humid material. Lightweight structure won't transmit vibrations to the prime mover or the operator. Low noise output, with a wide mouth, shaped as standard bucket for easy loading.

Able to crush most material thanks to the rotor system with teeth driven by direct drive hydraulic piston motors. Minimum vibration transmitted to the prime mover, low noise output, easy loading, wide mouth, shaped as standard bucket with reinforced & protected access panels. Can operate as standard or shovel front application. Rotor system with teeth driven by hydraulic piston motors in direct drive for high cutting force.

Active vma Crusher Bucket CBE 20 comes with the following features as standard

  • Direct drive hydraulic piston motor
  • 1485mm wide bucket
  • Anti-wear surface teeth

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